Unica Pen

Bortoletti presents Unica, inspired by the famous glasswork from the island of Murano. This stunning Murano-glass pen has been created by the expert hands of our craftsmen using the lampworking techniqueThe bright colours, finely detailed decorations and goldstone fused with the glass forming floral patterns are all in homage to the famous island and its master craftsmen. Goldstone is made by mixing a copper powder with a transparent glass paste when molten; when this cools, it is broken into pieces and worked into different shapes.




Materials: Murano Glass
Trim: Iron
Filling System: Ballpoint Black Refill mod CROSS 8100
Dimension: Length 14,5 cm/5,45″
Diameter: 1,3 cm/0,33″
Weight: 42 gr

Packaging: Gift box
Length: 23 cm
Width: 7 cm
Weight: 180 gr

Equipped with a certificate made in Italy

Refillable black ballpoint writing tool, pen realized using a black glass base decorated with stylish white or black veining and goldstone. For us, this pen made from Murano glass is the perfect fusion of our Venetian origins and our love of fine writing, where art meets the creativity of craftsmanship

Shop online calligraphy sets pen and inkwell. Bortoletti Fonderia Artistica, was founded in a small laboratory on the edge of Venice lagoon. The passion for calligraphy in a shop online that offers high quality calligraphy products exclusively made in Italy fully hand-made, as our dip pen. All of our calligraphy sets are really unique pieces, pen writing original Italian products, an opportunity to appreciate unique writing sets all made with a handmade process. Glass dip pen writing sets made in Italy Bortoletti Venezia shop online Calligraphy sets pen and inkwell.

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