Inkwell Dandalo

Enchanting inkwell with hinged cap. A complement to your desk or as a gift.


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Materials: Glass / White Bronze
Ink: empty
Packaging: Individually packed in its inkwell box.

Dimensions: diam. 50mm*60mm
Weight 220,00 gr

Equipped with a guarantee certificate made in Italy.


Dandalo Inkwell, an important inkwell intimately linked to the place from which it comes and its traditions, produced exclusively by hand in Venice.

Glass and bronze blend elegantly in this jewel with rounded shapes. The hinged cap elegantly decorates this Dandalo inkwell with an exclusive design.

This Dandalo inkwell was first designed and then created by hand with the art, passion and love of our craftsmen. A complement to your desk or a precious and original gift.

Calamaio DANDALO in Vetro wCAL55 Shop online Bortoletti

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