Great Sealing Wax Heater

Great Sealing Wax Heater

This elegant sealing wax heater is the pride of the production of Bortoletti. Comes from a project achieved by our master jewellers and is a gem of design that is made of glass.


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The reproduction of this Sealing Wax Heater born from the collaboration between artisans and master jewelers, creating products of great style and value. This important reproduction gives elegance and character to the product, an important accessory for your desk and an ideal product for realize prefect seal. We recommend using 90% pure alcohol or denatured alcohol for a stable and odorless flame. This Sealig Wax Heather prevent the sealing wax from darkening, which could happen with the use of any other flame.

Authentic Venetian glass artwork

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Wax Heater
Realize a perfect job, use this wax heater! You'll avoid darkening the wax and you won't burn yourself.
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