Feather Pen Morosini

Feather quill pen with an elegantly worked bronze nib holder that exalts its natural shape. A perfect antique nibs for writers, big bottle of ink and great penholder. The feather is available in various colors.




MaterialsFeather Pen / Bronze / Beech Wood
Dimension Feather: Length 26 cm
Nibs: 4* Vintage
Ink: Calligraphic Black, 30 ml

Packaging: Gift box
Length: 33 cm
Width: 14 cm
Weight: 630 gr

Equipped with a certificate made in Italy


Feather Pen MOROSINI; Elegance and originality for the writing set made entirely by hand.

This goose feather with bronze handle and calligraphic nib is completely handmade by our craftsmen starting from the selection of feathers; Only the best become Bortoletti creations. This is a gift suitable for any occasion, but perfect for a formal, timeless gift.  Surely it will be exhibited in the best showcase because it creates interest and curiosity, anyone who sees this goose feather will not wait to try it. Give this object for a wonder effect.

Complete the set the inkwell with black calligraphic ink and an other 4 perfectly working original vintage 1940s nib, ideal for practicing calligraphy.

Feather pen Morosini; An Authentic Venetian Artwork.

Calligraphic Nibs

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