Desk Set Canal

Desk sets Canal. Paper knife and magnifying lens made from white bronze decorated with handmade Venetian Murrina.



MaterialsCrystal Glass / Bronze / Venetian Murrina
Magnifying Glass: Diameter lens 45 mm
Bow: Blue Cotton bow
Dimension Magnifying Glass: Length 13 cm
Dimension Letter Opener: Length 21 cm
Packaging: Gift box
Length: 24 cm
Width: 12 cm
Weight: 380 gr
Equipped with a certificate made in Italy


Desk sets Canal made from white bronze with beautiful Venetian Murrina inserts. The hand-chiselled decorations in the bronze and the vibrant colours of the murrina are the distinguishing features of this exclusive desk set. For lovers of Venetian style and elegance, a Desk sets Canal complete with paper knife and magnifying lens particularly appreciated by ladies. The murrina technique is absolutely unique and has been handed down by generations of master glassworkers. The craftsman has to go through many steps before arriving at the finished piece: first they make a stick of glass with the various colours formed into a design, then cut it into small pieces, make a further design with different pieces of murrina, re-melt it in the furnace and finally polish it before using it to decorate various objects. 

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