Desk accessories for women Bellucci

Desk accessories for women Bellucci. Paper knife and magnifying lens made from white bronze with Murano glass beads made using the intricate fiorata technique.




MaterialsMurano Glass / Crystal Glass / Bronze
Magnifying Glass: Diameter lens 45 mm
Bow: Cotton bow
Dimension Magnifying Glass: Length 13 cm
Dimension Letter Opener: Length 21 cm

Packaging: Gift box
Length: 24 cm
Width: 12 cm
Weight: 380 g

Equipped with a certificate made in Italy


Desk accessories for women Bellucci with glass beads made by hand using the intricate fiorata technique – for a truly special gift. Paper knife and magnifying lens handles made from Murano glass, with chiselled bronze trimmings. The perfect way to show off your impeccable taste. This desk accessories for women made up of a paper knife and magnifying lens is one of a kind, thanks to the ongoing efforts of Bortoletti and its master jewellers to explore new frontiers in design. The Murano glass beads are decorated with threads of goldstone. Goldstone is a paste made from glass and copper crystals which gives decorations a metallic, glittering effect. This method was invented in Murano in the 17th century and gives the beads in this set their unique charm.

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