Ca' d’Oro Ballpoint Pen

In honour of the famous palace on Venice’s Grand Canal. Ca D’Oro is considered one of the most important buildings in the Venetian Gothic style.

Its name derives from the fact that some parts of the building were covered in gold (oro) in former times.

In 1927, it was transformed into a museum housing the Giorgio Franchetti art collection


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Materials/ Bronze
Dimension: Length 14 cm
Weight: 78 gr

Packaging: Gift box
Length: 23 cm
Width: 7 cm
Weight: 180 gr

Equipped with a certificate made in Italy

From the pencils of our Venetian masters of art are born the original drawings of the pen, the lifeblood of the whole creative process. Symbols and centuries-old habits of Venice meet modern taste, and find expression in the Ducal pen. It is from the careful choice of symbols resulting from collective memory, and from their encounter with the present, that historical and modern design merge to give life to objects rich in history and personality.

Bronze Casting

The Bortoletti brothers inherit the secret of bronze casting from their father, refining the processes of lost wax casting to achieve a very high level of finish. Con i loro strumenti di scrittura potrai dedicarti alla pratica della bella calligrafia, un piacere che appartiene all’uomo da millenni.

negozio di calligrafia online imposta penna e inchiostro. bortoletti fonderia artistica, è fondata in un piccolo laboratorio ai margini della laguna di Venezia. la passione per la calligrafia in un negozio online che offre prodotti calligrafici di alta qualità esclusivamente realizzati in Italia completamente fatti a mano, come la nostra penne calligrafiche. tutti i nostri set di calligrafia sono pezzi davvero unici, penna scrivere prodotti italiani originali, l’opportunità di apprezzare set di scrittura unici tutti realizzati con un processo fatto a mano. glass dip pen writing sets made in italy bortoletti venice shop online calligraphy sets pen and inkwell wPENS04

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