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set cire couronne cod.:SIG011
king of france seal cod.:SIG011
king of france seal cod.:SIG011


Cod. SIG011
This “Kings of France” seal stamp features the fleur de lys and the royal crown of the kings of France. Known the world over, the lily symbol was adopted by the Carolingian rulers and their successors the Capetians. It was during the reign of Louis VII that the expression ‘fleur de lys´ appeared and gold lilies on a blue background became the emblem of the French army and the French monarchy. With this seal stamp, Bortoletti honours the majesty of these illustrious personages from history. The “Kings of France” seal stamp is a magnificent article in white bronze, with an insert in blue Murano glass catching the light. This work of art is also a functional object which can be used with sealing wax to add a unique touch to your gifts and letters.

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marque-page couronne cod.:SP022
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€ 148.00 Including taxes
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€ 148.00 Including taxes
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