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Friday, June 23, 2017

Dip pen in Murano Glass

The idea of giving life to a Murano glass dip pen arose during our meetings in the studio with the maestro, Elio Martella, a transversal Venetian artist who has focused for years exclusively on research and design.
The encounter between Bortoletti and Martella led to a fusion of art and intentions, triggering intense research to give practicality, beauty, color, and elegance to calligraphy’s instrument of preference: the dip pen.
The Murano glass pen strikes the perfect balance between our Venetian origins and our passion for calligraphy, between art and the artisan’s creative ferment.
The first form of a Murano glass pen is drawn by hand on paper. We choose only the one drawing we like most and then make the first model of the nib in silver on the goldsmith’s counter.
At the same time, the tests to find the right blend of the various workings of Murano glass colors begin on the lampwork bench. Our Murano glass pens represent a perfect balance of form and function between the nib and the glass body.
After the first prototype has been selected and finished, the Bortoletti craftsmen make sure the proportion of the weights is right. Then comes the moment to make the Murano glass dip pen!
Each pen is created entirely by the hands of Silvia and Adriano with exceeding patience and precision. With extraordinary skill, they take rods of Murano glass in the chosen colors and melt them together with silver leaf and goldstone in front of a flame. Just imagine the glowing gob of molten glass softening in the heat of the fire, an enchanting sight that never fails to amaze!
While the body of the Murano glass pen is being worked, the bronze nib is made through lost wax precision casting – a technique once used by ancient Greek and Roman sculptors – passing through the hands of at least five different craftspeople.
The final phase in the creation of a Murano glass dip pen is the assembly of its parts and the vitally important quality control, which is done by Fabio.
After Fabio gives his approval, the pen passes into Elena’s hands for a final operational check before packaging.
Now the calligraphy set with three different vintage nibs and dip pen ink is ready for use in the art of beautiful handwriting.

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